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Women should first love themselves: Malaika Arora

Women should first love themselves

Tiger Surf is Bollywood actor who is going to become a major industry actor with very quiet silence.

Tiger’s beauty is that he is busy in his work away from the Bollywood riots.

If some of Tiger Schufff’s films remain stuck, some floppy but soon they will appear in the Karen of the Student’s the Air Tone.

Tiger is a strong fan of bright light and attempts to copy them to a fair extent, but recently in an interview they admitted that only one question from Salman Khan would like to know how people would How to make the movie crazy and their flap movie also produces more than 100 million business.

Now Salman Khan Tiger’s answer to this question will be difficult to say something, and the use of this saying also does not look well that brother sleeps after becoming a cannon; because Salman is the hero of the general public. The actor is probably not, but his personality has become so tallest in the entertaining world that it is difficult to describe it.

Salman’s film film also produces 100 million business because of its only popularity.
‘Can do anything for happiness’

The angel of Aradha is coming in somehow every morning. At the same time, due to his own bin Laden style, Arjun Kapoor.

Arjun and his wedding dates and other details have been spread over media and social media for the last few days. The recent journalist and movie agreed to see his interview with Krishna Anupam Chopra, the angel was unbelievably answering all the questions about himself and when Arjun Kumar came to talk and asked whether Arjun and If the news of his marriage is true, the angel shouting shy and said, “These are all the words of the media.”

Meetings of angels and Arjans are not hidden from anyone, and the angels talk in a very open way on their personal life. Then answer these questions in such a way that ‘something is strange and nothing’ seems strange. However, he says that he does the same in his life that he enjoys and can do anything for him.

In this interview the angel told a very good talk about women that women should first learn to love themselves. It is also true because women always tie themselves in the role of a wife, sister, mother or daughter, which is not a bad, but what she wants herself or what she enjoys. Goes short
Deepika’s statue also wishes to take home

Ranveer Singh, his parents and his in-laws were all in London this week, because the museum of London’s museum was featured in his mother-in-law of Paramam Pokhikun’s wax in Madam Tasso.

The Picasa celebration was performed on the occasion of Picasa and Ranvir’s house on the Live Streaming InstaGam gram and all of them have pictures with the statue.

Ranveer Singh, who has forced the people to jump a bit boldly saying the bundle of ANG, he first stirred around the statue and asked the officials there, ‘Can I take him home’.

Ranveer Singh is also amazing, already after being found to meet Parakya only after telling her what she says, she is going to be uncomfortable.

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