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Without touching the screen, introduced a smartphone built-in smartphone

Without touching the screen, introduced a smartphone built-in smartphone

South Korea (Monitoring Desk) South Korean company LG has introduced its first smartphone, which claims that it will eliminate the need for touch screen. On the occasion of Mobile World Congress released in Barcelona, ​​LG introduced its new flagship phone LGG8 Throw. This phone is designed to match Samsung’s Galaxy S10 competition. But most of this features are similar to last year’s G7, but some new things have also been added. First of all

So LG updated the device’s front camera and called it ZAMAMRA, which could cause major changes in device usage. This 8-megapixels camera has an IR sensor and transmitter that works for third-day mapping and mapping capabilities, which can use G8-third D-Mapping for Failure Lock exactly as Apple’s iPhone Feature like ID feature. In the last 7 years of G7, there was Tw feature, in G8, the duty fee works even more securely and less in light. And yes, this is the world’s first phone in which hand scales can be locked by device and LG has called it hand id. According to the company, the IR sensor of the phone accepts the hemoglobin information available in the blood and forms a unique image of the hand inside the veins and when the user passes his hand over the camera, lock the phone without touching the screen. It may be possible Hand feature also features another feature in which the phone’s front camera helps to track the movement of hand-by-hand and read without touching the phone. Just like fingering fingers and thumb in the front of the front camera, you can open specific apps by swiping on the right and left, media play or stop while the volume can also adjust. Well, in the G8, hands-free feature fee won a lock or fingerprint scanner, but this idea is quite unique, especially in situations where the phone is far away from you.

The company believes that if the feature is done, then phones will be developed in the future, without the touch of the screen, some users may use their favorite apps or work their way away. It is a 6.1-inch LED display display phone with Android pie operating system, Snapper dragons 855 processor, ace gb ram, 128 GB storage which has increased to 2bb from SD card. Can be done and 3500 mAh battery is given. There are 12 megapixels (standard) and 16 megapixel wide angle cameras on phone backs that can record 4 of the video. Similarly, this phone also offers water and dust reserves (IP68), wireless charging and quake charge 3.0 support. The current date and price of the company has not been announced by the company, but it is estimated that it will be available on the basis of $ 750, or earlier than the previous year’s