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Why is not the question raised when men get honor? Mahus Hayat flatter

Why is not the question raised when men get honor

Actress Mahsu Hayat, taking the questions of meditation when she received meditation, said that why women’s success in women is not digestive, and how women are not questioned in the way women are asked questions.

The Pakistani actor Mahus Haiti has decided to give a meditation on March 23 by the Government of Pakistan to serve as well in the Shubes industry, however, since it has been announced Mahus Hayat has been hit by people. People are asking questions that Mahus Hayat finally performed a role in which he was being given meditation.
Recently, Mehsud Hayat, while talking to the mediation of an interview during an interview, “It is like dreaming as a Pakistani President to get a civil award from Pakistan.” Mahus Hayat said when I was asked to distinguish medals, I did not believe my eyes were happy tears. I am a common girl living in Karachi, who just wants to fulfill my dream, but this honesty means that my work is being recognized worldwide.

Mahogat Hayat took the critics on receiving discrimination while taking critics and said, “Do not get me an award or not, it’s a matter of matter and people are entitled to give their opinion on it, but my role in this regard is to cross the border Synonyms. In our industry, if a woman gets success or is appreciated for her work then why do people suspect her role? When a man’s work is appreciated and honored with honor, why do not people take questions about his role?
Asking questions from critics, Mahsif Hayat asked, “Are Pakistani women less than anyone involved in the development of the country?” I stand for women on several platforms that we have to set a long journey.

Mahus Hayat said that in the case of meditation, I have a great responsibility because many girls see me as a role model and I have always believed that I set a good example for other women. Do it