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Why is Athena Oikonomakos going to Mykonos?

Why is Athena Oikonomakos going to Mykonos

Also in Santorini, the wife of Athena Oikonomakou, Philippos Mikhopoulos, is doing business this summer.

After the hotel in Mykonos, where the couple married, the young businessman expanded to the other beautiful island of Cyclades, Santorini, which is visited by thousands of tourists each year to enjoy its magnificent view.
The view from its luxurious rooms is breathtaking. You can see the remnants of the ancient Acropolis of Santorini, called Skaros, the famous sunset and the famous volcano of the island.

And all of this can be enjoyed in the hotel’s superb suites with swimming pools, jacuzzis, hammam, treatment rooms and other unique high-standard and multi-star services.

Athena Ekonomakou spoke a moment ago about this step of her husband, telling reporters: “In the summer we will be in Santorini, because my husband will be doing business there. So, we’ll be there. We greet Mykonos. ”

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