Who wants Sonakshi Sinha to give a Muslim boy heart? Anarchy Burma in India

Who wants Sonakshi Sinha to give a Muslim boy heart

Bollywood actor Sonakshi Sinha has been giving heart to Muslim boy Zaheer Iqbal. Last year, Bollywood’s popularity has been especially popular due to Bollywood’s marriage, but many names are being seen together in the beginning of the new year. The news about rising proximity between the daughter of famous actress Cartecy Arian and Chinti Pandey’s daughter Anin Pandey was on the other side that the actor Sonakshi Muslim boy has become a source of news due to her heart-hearted condition. According to media reports, according to media reports, Sonakshi Sinha Days Debt in Bollywood

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Who is watching with Zaheer Iqbal? Zaheer Iqbal has already become the star of Bollywood, who is introducing a romance movie with Bollywood Sultan himself Manesh Bahal’s daughter-in-law, Parwanth. In the past, Salman Khan’s birthday is celebrated by several Bollywood personalities. Where the Sonakshi debut was sitting at heart at first glance.

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