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We still have a feudal thinking today

We still have a feudal thinking today

Women’s role is essential for Pakistan’s development. Rachal Khan
Women have a strong role in the development of any nation, we do not get women the status and status they are entitled to.

Pakistan’s leading actress and model, Rachel Khan, said that women have an enormous role in the development of any nation, including Germany, Japan, America, and China, in the world’s most developed countries. While compared to that, women do not get the status and status we are entitled to.
He said while discussing specially, women’s role is essential for the development of Pakistan. People in Jagir Darwin thinking think women as their shoes are lawful, but there is no law enforcement It is imperative that measures should be taken on concrete basis for women’s rights.

He said that only two sectors show women significantly, including the world of politics and vegetables, besides this, women have not been able to succeed in any other sector.

We should not put women’s role in the development of Pakistan in any way. Richl said, “I faced a lot of difficulties in the world of Shubes and I managed to get out of these difficulties and I succeeded in doing my successful business. Also, my illustration is in front of everyone, and there are many such women. But the opportunities for women to meet are not getting found. It is very interesting that some women coming to urban areas are now being posted on good posts, but the situation in backward and rural areas is still inaccessible, in this regard, there should be special law passed in the assembly. Women can get their legitimate and real rights.