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Wats app’s warning to users of third-party apps

Wats app's warning to users of third-party apps

The Wats app is the world’s most popular messaging application, with the number of users over the past two hundred and a half billion and it has got a lot of popularity in Pakistan.
However, if you use a third party version instead of the Watson’s office, your platform may face restrictions.

This is what the Wats app has done on the page of its Question Answer.
According to the Facebook-based application, those accredited people who use third-party variants such as Wats App Plus and GBB Wots app instead of the application may face temporary restrictions.
According to the company, Wats app does not support the third-party apps because we can not correct their security policies.

It is not clear that the Wats app when banned people who are using such third-party apps.
But in Twitter and Reddit people started warning about this one last week.
These AIDS nets will not face future restrictions, but users will have to switch to the Offline Wats app, which will need to backup their chat data in this third-party app, whose method you can visit on this link Are there