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Virginie Efira and Niels Schneider, a couple looking for themselves on the steps of Cannes

Virginie Efira and Niels Schneider, a couple looking for themselves on the steps of Cannes

The planet Marche. – For the screening of the film of Justine Triet, Sybil, presented in official competition of the Cannes Film Festival, we saw Natacha Polony, Brigitte Fossey and Virginie Efira in great difficulty with her sandal

We would have liked to be in his head. In the head of Virginie Efira, this Friday evening, while she is on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival for Sybil, Justine Triet, last film of the 72nd edition to be projected in official competition. Since leaving an official car, the trouble is palpable. Is she so excited about her second collaboration with Victoria’s director? Is she intimidated by the idea of ​​formalizing her relationship with Niels Schneider here on the most scrutinized red carpet in the world? Or tormented by this capricious sandal that threatens to spoil his climb steps (and who will)?
At the first notes of the Carnival of Animals, historical hymn of the festival, Virginie Efira already has wet eyes. Next to Adèle Exarchopoulos, Gaspard Ulliel and her companion – on screen and in town – the 42-year-old actress walks the red carpet like an actress for the first time. It’s the emotion. It is yet sublime in a sequined evening dress by Giorgio Armani Privé.

In front of the giant photocall, she squeezes Niels Schneider’s hand tightly; their looks, however, are fleeting, the smiles intimidated. The photographers are trying to get closer, yell “Niels!” To come close to his partner. But already the opportunity is over, they joined the rest of the team. Bad luck is right for their discretion. The star of the evening is afraid of not being able to climb the steps. It is the lace of his sandal, he is defeated. Like a serving knight, Niels Schneider runs. She ends up sitting on the steps so that he can solve the problem. If they did not want a spotlight, it’s over. Again on the red carpet at the end of the screening, they offer – suddenly? – their first official kiss.

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