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Video announcement of streaming video game from Google

Video announcement of streaming video game from Google

San Francisco: Google’s officially announced video game streaming service. This service does not require special game console or high-speed computers, but this game can be played on a common laptop, desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Google also said that heavy processing of streaming will be on its servers, and so ordinary people will be able to play games very well. Any game in the service through the gaming platform can be played instantly and there is no need to buy and download the game.

Addressing the Game Development Conference in San Francisco, Phil Harrison, related to Google, said that ‘STADIA’ instantly ensures access to game that is a cloud service, its implementation of graphic processing and handling. Google data centers occur if the internet connection is good then the game continues smoothly.
Through the Studios service, the player can start on a game computer and keep it on a laptop or smartphone and the gaming process will continue even if the game can be played in the browser. Although Google Game Controller also intends to bring it, it can be played with any USB Player controller and it can be shared on YouTube by pressing a button.

It is clear that the announcement of Google’s announcement has been called by an initiative that can revolutionize the world of computer games.