Top 10 most beautiful celebrities who played in superhero movies

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Top 10 most beautiful celebrities who played in superhero movies

Comic books a for some time they were considered something only kids were interested in. Today, while kids continue to dominate the comic book market, ita s true to say that adults also make up a significant part of the group that are into comic books and the army of interesting characters they include. The comic book world is dominated by two powerhouses in the form of DC comics and Marvel. Each has some pretty awesome characters and they even did square off against one another in the very special DC vs Marvel comics. However, in the real world, ita s fair to say that Marvel is edging the competition. Fuelled by the powerhouse that is Disney, it seems like every year sees numerous Marvel movies hitting the big screen and raking in the piles of cash.

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But what is it about the Marvel films that attracts us? Sure, for the most part their storylines are solid and the effects are pretty cool. However, you cana t help but be impressed with many of the casting choices. Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man, Ian McKellen as Magneto, Chris Hemsworth as Thor a brilliant. Dona t forget the women however. The Marvel movies have some pretty great female roles which combine action with sex appeal. In fact, when you think of it, it seems like every woman cast in the Marvel films are hot. From X-Men to The Avengers, we look at these eye-catching ladies and lockdown the women of the Marvel Universe.

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