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These are the summer essentials for the beauty kit of this summer!

These are the summer essentials for the beauty kit of this summer!

Summer is undoubtedly the time when we feel lighter and more beautiful than ever. This, moreover, reveals the changes that occur in our diet, the way we choose to dress, even the distinctive makeup we use. Lies, sea, countryside, walks. The last thing that concerns you is to paint. However, as carefree as you feel, there are a few things that remain meticulously consistent and one of them is to protect your skin.

As long as you are a planner, if you are in this age, do you always remember to remind yourself that the period we are experiencing – “carries” many dangers from which you must be protected in the interests of your health. So, as a first and foremost priority to protect yourself and immediately after your skin’s natural appearance, you’re trying to find out what the products you need to include in the beauty kit you have everyday in your bag that will “accompany” you and on your vacation.

So, to save time, looking for your “allies” this year, we have discovered for you this year’s summer essentials and presented them in the following text. Take notes!

Protection and coverage … twenty-four seven

As is the case with most of us, so your own program every summer … “crazy”! After-work suggestions from your colleagues are becoming more and more regular, so you leave early for the office and do not have the slightest idea of ​​what time you’ll be back home. Inevitably, this means you do not have the time or space required to make your makeup right and feel cared for and completely “covered”. So what can you do in this case? Of course you are turning to a facial sunscreen, which gives you the ability to refresh your makeup at any time, giving a light effect from morning to night. It also provides you with “valuable” UV protection from ultraviolet rays and at the same time gives you long-lasting coverage and mat feel – two elements that will further enhance the natural beauty of your face. It is no coincidence that Suncare Compact Powder SPF30 is already in our ‘must’! Because bad lies, which of us does not want a skin without a trace of gloss and a light effect, especially in the summer?

Extra tip: On the days when mercury reaches red, do not forget to have a water spray “rich” in minerals and trace elements, which with a “touch” will hydrate your skin, giving it extra cool and rejuvenating.

Even more protection

Of course, if the point you want to focus more on is protecting your face, do not fall into the trap to take into account only the SFP marker that the sunscreen package says. You should check that the face cream you choose will have an enhanced and innovative UVB + UVA + VL + IRA protection system that will protect you from unwanted infrared radiation, an agent that “activates” premature aging and is responsible for serious “diseases” of the epidermis.

On our own beach bags, and for our walks in the city, you’ll find this year’s Carroten Mat Look Face Cream SPF30. And that’s because it has the advanced Anti-Shine technology, which offers you high protection and velvety skin thanks to its Hydravelvet texture. In other words, it’s the choice that’s worth adding to your summer essentials without a second thought!
Last but not least

Yes, your face is one of the most sensitive points in your body, but that does not mean you should not be as careful and attentive as the rest, like your hair for example. Salty, high temperatures and poor water quality can in the long run cause great damage to the hair structure unless you always have a hair care spray with a non-greasy formula that will further enhance your hair’s natural defense , such as Carroten Protect & Shine Haircare Spray.

As you can see, our favorite Carroten, the No. 1 sunscreen in our country, is the choice that you deserve to be trusted for another season. Having so many summers staying in our “side”, knows exactly what our needs are and can, in addition to absolute protection, guarantee us an even more carefree and pleasant summer, wherever we decide to pass it!

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