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The fall of the American empire “: mixed welcome in the United States

The fall of the American empire ": mixed welcome in the United States

The US press has not rolled out the red carpet for The Fall of the American Empire, which is gradually taking to the screens these days on the screens of our neighbors to the South, almost a year after its release in Quebec.

On the Rotten Tomatoes review site, Denys Arcand’s latest film just gets a 60% pass against a backdrop of mixed reviews from mainstream US media.

In the clan sold to the cause of the fall of the American empire, we find the prestigious New York Times. “A fun and exciting film,” says critic Glenn Kenny.

Influential Variety, Screen International and Indiewire had already praised the film during its presentation at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2018.
On the other hand, it’s less rosy for some newspapers like the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune and the San Francisco Chronicle. In the Wall Street Journal, Joe Morgenstern praises Maripier Morin who, he writes, “brings intelligence and a delightful smile to an otherwise devoid of detective comedy.”

Progressive output
For now, The Fall of the American Empire has only been playing in eight major cities in the United States since May. The distributor Sony Pictures has chosen to bet on a gradual release, which began May 31 in New York and Los Angeles. By July 21, it will have been presented in nearly a hundred cinemas.

At the end of his first two weekends, he had raised $ 26,450 in revenue, according to figures from the box office Mojo Box Office.

At home, Arcand’s film, starring Maripier Morin, Remy Girard, Alexandre Landry and Pierre Curzi, was seen by 279,986 spectators. In France, where he took the bill in February, he ran 189 344 moviegoers.