Michael Jackson’s family was so much worried about the retention of his body after his death, so they decided to bury him with his gilded coffin in a cement block!
Ten years have passed since the death of the “King of Pop”, whose reputation was tarnished by creepy complaints about pedophilia, some of which were included in the documentary “Leaving Neverland” from a few months.

After Jackson’s death, who left his last 50 years of overdose of Propofol, causing global shock and lamentation, his family made him an imposing funeral taking care of preserving his body.
The singer burst with the costume he wore on stage along with his famous white gloves in a gold coin worth about $ 23,000. But because his relatives were afraid that plumbers and fortune-tellers would attempt to open his tomb, they made the decision to place the coffin on a cement block before the burial took place.

Inside the coffin his children, 12-year-old Prince Michael, 11-year-old Paris and the then-seven-year-old Blancket, left him notes that said, “Dad, we love you. We are missing you, “Jackson Jackson, Marlon, revealed. He said that his brother’s head had a special wig placed on the shoulders of his wavy hair, while a makeup artist undertook to paint his face as if he were about to last for the last time on stage to sing. Sensors connected to security cameras were then placed in order to alert the guards for any attempted violation.

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