Sushmita announced marriage with her 27-year-old friend in love

Sushmita Sen announced marriage with her 27-year-old friend in love

Bollywood star Sushmita Sen has fallen in love at age 47, Sushmita has announced her 27-year-old friend, Roman Shal. According to details, Bollywood Star Sushmita Sen announced her new love. It has been given, Bollywood stars have been in love with their 27-year-old friend Roman, 47 years old and also plan to get married soon. Dominion and Sushmita have been seen multiple times together with events and different designs. Videos have also been wrapped up on social media simultaneously.

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Answering on their second wedding rumors on social media, the actor socially The contact website had a video post on Instagram where she was seen to be working with her friend, the actor wrote in a video caption that I am doing a lot of hard training and playing in the game. You have rejected the rumors, but one thing is that perhaps not soon, they will be tied in the marriage bond.

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