Supergirl s Katie McGrath Perfectly Addresses Kara s Need For a Secret Identity

Supergirl’s Katie McGrath Perfectly Addresses Kara’s Need For a Secret Identity

Supergirlai s Katie McGrath Perfectly Addresses Karaai s Need For a Secret Identity

Superhero secret identities are as much a part of a good characterai s makeup as their superpowers, and Supergirl star Katie McGrath thinks Kara Danversai civilian persona actually adds something unexpected to the Girl of Steel: the chance to be vulnerable. McGrath recently voiced her thoughts on Supergirl and the characterai s mild-mannered alter ego while also addressing concerns over whether or not Lena Luthor should have figured out by now that her close friend Kara is actually National Cityai s Kryptonian protector. As she puts it, thereai s a very good reason why the member of the Luthor family is still seeing double and why itai s so important for the show and the character that the Kara Danvers persona continue to be there for Kara Zor-El.

The comments came during a recent Supergirl set visit attended by Screen Rant, where McGrath discussed Lenaai s role in the ongoing third season of The CW show, and addressed just how many times sheai s been asked whether or not her character is secretly wise to Karaai s thinly-veiled deception. As it turns out, McGrath is a firm believer in Supergirlai s secret identity and suggests those who find her disguise to be on the dubious side use the same suspension of disbelief that allows them to enjoy a show about a flying alien woman with heat vision.


When asked about Lenaai s knowledge of Karaai s secret, McGrath said:

No. It`s just like flat-out no. I get asked this a lot and my answer is still the same. Thereai re a couple of things: If you can believe that thereai s a show about aliens and a girl who can fly, then you believe that I donai t know theyai re the same person. You just have to accept. And then, also, if everybody knows her secret then she has to be Supergirl all the time, and the great part of the show is the fact that sheai s both, you know? She can be vulnerable with me and human with me; she doesnai t always have to be the hero. And for a story, that I think is the most compelling thing to watch. You see somebody be vulnerable. And because she doesnai t have to be Supergirl all of the time, you can see her as a vulnerable character.

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Just accepting Lena doesnai t know Kara and Supergirl are one in the same seems like a fairly easy and reasonable request from someone who ought to know a thing or two about whatai s going on in Lena Luthorai s head. But the second half of McGrathai s statement actually makes for a compelling reason as to why itai s important for the character to be able to switch between Kara Danvers and Supergirl: It allows to be more human, giving Kara and Supergirl a chance to show another side to herself and put aside the Sai shield for just a moment to experience the world as someone without god-like powers would.

No doubt there will always be fans skeptical that a pair of glasses and a ponytail are enough to keep the world from discovering Supergirlai s secret, but McGrathai s not wrong when she urges viewers to consider the type of program theyai re watching before scoffing too hard. After all, if youai re willing to believe a girl can fly, believing in the efficacy of a bargain-basement disguise should be a snap.


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