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Stephen King’s 1994 The Stand Mini-Series Is Finally coming back to Blu-ray in Sep

Stephen King's 1994 The Stand Mini-Series Is Finally coming back to Blu-ray in Sep

It’s been a protracted time coming back, however it’s like we’re finally obtaining a blu-ray unleash of the mini-series adaptation of Sir Leslie Stephen King’s The Stand! unleash is slated for Sep twenty four, 2019.

The announcement is shocking seeing however simply in Apr, director Paddy Garris told Dead recreation that there was “zero p.c chance” a blu-ray unleash of The Stand would ever happen, citing that since the mini-series was shot on 16mm film it might terribly high-ticket for the studio to travel back to the initial negative and make associate degree HD version of the show. fortuitously, it’s like excitedly building round the future revive of The Stand, it is a project to take advantage of the success of 1 of Sir Leslie Stephen King’s popular books and provides this mid-90s adaptation a correct unleash.

Needless to mention, horror fans, Sir Leslie Stephen King fans, Paddy Garris fans…rejoice! The Stand is finally obtaining its due. Not abundant is thought regarding the discharge presently except that the series has been “brilliantly restored” into a brand new collector’s edition blu-ray. No special options are proclaimed, however let’s hope CBS takes their time and provides this collector’s edition one thing special to fans WHO are slumming it with DVD copies of The Stand, with patience waiting years for a high-def transfer.

Mick Garris and Sir Leslie Stephen King recently talked regarding the twenty five year day of The Stand on Paddy’s podcast, Post Mortem. Head on over to require a hear some fantastic production tales from 2 masters of horror.

The Stand could be a post-apocalyptic horror/fantasy novel by yank author Sir Leslie Stephen King. It expands upon the situation of his earlier story “Night Surf” associate degreed presents a close vision of the full breakdown of society when the accidental unleash of a strain of respiratory illness that had been changed for biologic attack causes an apocalyptic pandemic, killing off over ninety nine of the world’s population.

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