Solo A Star Wars Story Blu-ray Release Date Revealed

Solo: A Star Wars Story Blu-ray Release Date Revealed

Solo: A Star Wars Story Blu-ray Release Date Revealed

Solo: A Star Wars Story’s Blu-ray release date has possibly been revealed. The second of Lucasfilm’s Star Wars anthology films was seemingly in the headlines for all the wrong reasons the past year. After enduring one of the most tumultuous productions in recent memory, Solo opened in theaters and promptly became the first Star Wars movie to lose money for its distributor. To date, it’s earned $379.9 million worldwide against a production budget that was in excess of $250 million due to the substantial reshoots. Even though Solo’s time in theaters is coming to a close, it still has opportunities to earn extra revenue for Lucasfilm.

The studio will soon be turning their attention to Solo’s home media release, already revealing the various retailer exclusives that’ll be available. One thing that hasn’t been officially announced yet is a street date for the Blu-ray, though that seems to have changed with this latest development.

The Digital Bits heard from retail sources that Solo will hit shelves on Blu-ray and 4K on September 25, 2018. If that’s when the physical disc goes on sale, Solo will probably be on digital a couple weeks before – as has become standard practice in the industry. Should this pan out, Solo will be on Blu-ray four months after it premiered on the big screen, which is a usual timeframe.

As we gear up for the Solo Blu-ray, one thing that will be interesting to see is what special features are included. Tentpoles like Star Wars are ripe for extensive behind-the-scenes featurettes, but Lucasfilm may want to play things a bit safe here. Most people are aware of the infamous director switch mid-filming from Phil Lord & Chris Miller to Ron Howard, and while the studio has been open about discussing the issue, they may not want to shine a light on it any further. This isn’t to say the Solo disc will be bare bones, but fans shouldn’t expect anything that’s too comprehensive in regards to the making of the film. However, there are opportunities for fun nuggets, such as deleted scenes, blooper reels, and breakdowns of set pieces like the Kessel Run. Perhaps Alden Ehrenreich’s screen test for Han Solo will be on the Blu-ray as well.

Solo didn’t go down as one of the best Star Wars films, but it still proved to be an entertaining heist movie with strong performances and thrilling action. Some viewers even noted that Solo was better than the expected, after having reservations about the premise and production woes. The film definitely has a fan base that will be quick to pick it up for the living room, and maybe it’ll earn a second lease on life. Solo came out during a competitive time period earlier this summer, so hopefully more people will have time to check it out.

Source: The Digital Bits

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