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Soften the skin with natural objects

Soften the skin with natural objects

For the purpose of beauty, home appliances and utility utility can not be denied. Many of the earliest problems with the help of many ingredients and fruits can be controlled by many fruits and vegetables.
Home Medical Mask For dry skin
Mix a table spoon fifteen drops and honey juice and a juice and a spoon on the face by the Ararat Yarkan floor. Clean the water after 10 minutes, a new new face will surprise you.

For a quick skin
A table spoon squeeze honey in a honey until the face and neck dry as a mask. Take 10 drops of laminated juice for two spoons of spoon powder, and then wash the face with cold water.
Take a few minutes on the face of orange, lime, turbozia.

It is considered useful for closing chains, closing closure and increasing blood circulation.

Honey Fusion Mask
Everyone is aware of honey and honey effectiveness. In order to take care of natural skin by filling up the skin, it is included in many asbestos products. Take a piece of soft cloth. Lightly squeezing in hot water, take some water out of the cloth.
Now move it on face. Repeat the process.
Now apply the honey on the face and close eyes for fifteen to 30 minutes, then lie down in a safe environment. Use the hot water to clean the honey, and then wash the face with cool water well. Opening the masamat cleans the mails and grid gobers in them.

Orange and yogurt masks
A table spoon yogurt, orange juice almost wind cap.
Mix both the ingredients and apply them to the skin for a while by applying softly for them for a while .Let it clean after 10 minutes. Sterilic acid in the drain is useful for cleaning and draining of the skin. Vitamin C is rich, which is useful for skin.

Season of the season
A number of times, lime’s half-teaspoon tea, Witch Hazel a teaspoon.
An egg’s white, which has been foamed in electric beetle and foam. Mix all the ingredients, mix all the ingredients and keep them on the face for 15 to 25 minutes. The skin will also be clean and the muscles will also be ripped or the leaves or loose. The skin will be knit and come to its natural place.

Blend a peel, a number of eggs, one number of eggs, blend both of these items and after applying it to the whole face.
After thirty minutes, face water with simple water. If vitamin and minerals are also found in the skin, then how will natural glow not be born in the skin? The skin will return back to its correct condition and get naturally cleaned. Will be

Tomato tasks
Red-cooked tomato is a number, lemon juice, a tea spoon, gauze-free porridge, a tea spoon.
The tomato and the sour mask is said to be useful for removing pestils, stomach and stomach stains.
Mix these items together for flavoring, rubbing it like Abnut and let it sleep on the face for ten minutes. Then after washing the face with semi-hot water, and if a cloth of soft cloth is drowned in the water is better .

Apple mask (for normal skin)
Soft apple a number, honey two spoon.
Mix the apple first with apple peel, mix honey and keep it in the refrigerator just wash the face after applying a mask for just two minutes. Let it stay for two minutes and face dust from the mouth.

Skin sauna
Before cleaning the masks, the result is very good when the mask is cleaned. The sun starts to shine. Take almost boiling water in a tub. Add four drops of oil to it.
These oils will be taken properly.
Mandar (Mandarin Chhattisgarh) and Leander for normal skin.
Lime and Eucalyptus for Australian skin (Australian plant).
Roses for dry skin and Camomile (Gulbona).
Take a big towel that can cover the head around.
Take a steam till the day. After the opening of the vessels, it is ready to masks soon.
Sauna should not take steam sensitive skin, people with pregnant women and blood pressure disease.