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Several movie personalities who were saved to try suicide

Several movie personalities who were saved to try suicide

Angelina Jolie’lazabeth Taylor ‘Britney Spears’ Heli Perry and actress Wool Wilson tried suicide

What is the reputation, honor and wealth that people who do not receive reputation in various fields, and that is why most people tend to fate on the fate of their favorite solitudes. Indeed, they are like the moon rising from above What is the nature of the surface, the pain and despair inside? They know very few people, and those well-known people who are worthless for millions of people in the world are strangers in personal life, even trying to take their lives.

Knowing such a few famous film personalities who tried suicide, they were saved. Angelina Jolie suffered depression on her mother’s sudden death, in the end of the disappointment she was in the habit of cutting off her body with a sharp tool, starring her body, but for some reason I was in trouble. Used to feel life

Elizabeth Taylor is a Bollywood actor of Hollywood and she was also known as Piropatha, but even on the sky of popularity she tried to commit suicide by consuming more and more pills, but she was saved to get medical aid at the time. Hollywood actress Wilson told in an interview that he tried to commit suicide by cutting his clothes in 2007.

According to a biography, the famous singer Britney Spears tried to commit suicide twice in 2006, but managed to survive happily. J. Rolling, the author of the latest Harry Potter series, would have suffered depression at the time of his distant struggle. And as a result, he tried to commit suicide but he was saved shortly. Paris, daughter of Modern Pop Singer Michael Jackson, was taken to the hospital for emergency last year, where he found out that he tried to take his life with his own hands. Was it
Actress Haley Berry revealed in an interview that she tried to commit suicide on the end of the marriage of David Justice, according to Heli Berry, I sat in it and knew that it was gasing. Mother saved me. Gravity’s film is among the world’s finest movies in the thirsty world, her success as acting, director and producer was ideal, but her mother revealed in 1978 that she committed suicide in Nazi And at that time Dev Anand managed to stop them.