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Sensual photo: Samantine Tina with her beloved pose in a meadow

Sensual photo: Samantine Tina with her beloved pose in a meadow

One of the most popular domestic stage artists – singer Samanta Tina – has always spoken about her own private life and relationship with investigator Nauri Liepina (both in the picture), but at the end of last week she surprised the fans by publishing a picture that was taken with her beloved.
Tina, who has never been fascinated by her relationship on Sunday, on September 16th, has shared a picture on the Instagram network where she and Nauris are posing in a meadow surrounded by forest.

The singer’s beloved in the picture reveals the torso, allowing him to appreciate his tattoos, while Tina has been posing in jeans and tops.

“It’s just time, place, here and now! Nothing to wait or wait for the morning or to put off later! Use the moment!” Samantha, whose published photo has earned a great sympathy for her followers, has described the picture.

We remind you that the singer and the investigator went out to the community in the spring of 2014. Prior to that, Tina united romantic relations with Kaspars Smoch, but in January 2014, the stage artist confirmed that both were divorced.

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