Shelina Gomez is one of the most popular personalities in the world of Instagram, with more than 150 million followers. She, however, lately stopped using the platform and revealed the floor.
The famous singer and actor was invited to show Kelly Ripa and Ryan Sikesta to promote her new film, The Dead Do not die by Jim Jamram, and there she talked about the negative impact Instagram had on her.

Specifically, the platform has negatively affected its self-confidence:

“It made me not feel good about myself and see my body in a different way.”

26-year-old Gomez added that although she has more than 150 million followers, she does not publish photos, nor is she much associated with her online profile.

“I used it a long time ago but I think it has turned into something unhealthy, especially for the younger age, including myself. They spend a lot of time processing comments, they get “inside”, he said.
Her comments come after her appearance on the red carpet in Cannes where she told the public that she is afraid of how social media influence young people.

“It is a useful platform but it scares me when I see young boys and girls not being informed about what’s happening in the world. It is certainly dangerous. ”

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