Sarah Ali Khan forced to wear Burdu for the movie

Sarah Ali Khan forced to wear Burdu for the movie

According to Sarah Ali , the daughter of Little Khan Saif Ali daughter, Bollywood was released on December 7 this month. We are talking about her second film as soon as her first film comes. ‘Samba’ is with Ranveer Singh, which is also likely to be released on December 21. “Salba” has been popular in the dance fans on the last songs of Sara Ali Khan and Ranvir Singh’s popular songs ‘Girl Eye hit’. When the video of this song has been wired too.

Sarah Ali Khan’s first film ‘Kadrathath’ did not earn a lot of money, but the film has earned more than Rs 30 crores so far and it looks like hiring analysts. Sarah Khan on the face of the picture It can be seen in the mask-Photos: Anesthesia Although partial ban has been imposed in the Indian state of Uttarakhand on ‘Kadathath’ and it has not been released in many districts of the country, however, the film is being appreciated. After hearing the praise of the movie, Sarah Ali Khan decided to see him in the cinema itself, but he adopted a unique style to perform the task. Sara Ali Khan of Kroniver’s mother Amrita Singh and film writer The Coca-Cola went to watch the local cinemas with loose.

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A post shared by Kanika Dhillon (@ kanika.d) on Dec 10, 2018 at 10:52 pm PST movie writer Kankika Dhalan also shared pictures of Sara Ali Khan after watching the movie in local cinemas, Saif Ali Khan The daughter can be seen dressed in a barrel. Who is to watch Saif Ali Khan’s daughter on the batch road? Writer Kanika Talin said Sara Ali Khan not only worn, but she also made her identity as Nathrat. Sarah and Sushit Singh are showing love in Fatherith.

The screen shot – It is difficult to see Sara Ali Khan in the scene, but it is difficult to reach them in the picture, after the pictures of these pictures, he became a viral on social media. Although he played a role in Hindu girl, from the Muslim boy It seems to be love, but to become a Muslim to see the movie, reach the cinema. After marriage, Ranveer Singhddsarsri, in the form of Ajay Devgan, is also aware that after the success of Sara Ali Khan’s first film, his stepmother Karina Kapoor is thinking of organizing a special party for her. It is likely to be released on December-screen shotandia Toddie reported in his report that the reports are soon giving a party on the success of the first daughter of Kareena Kapoor husband’s big movie, in which many Bollywood celebrities attend Sarah Ali Khan is engaged in promoting his second movie ‘Samba’ trailer and success after the success of the song, this month. It is likely to be released by the end.

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