Salman Khan had not yet come up with the previous conflicts that the new trouble was on

Salman Khan had not yet come up with the previous

The old tree in the property he purchased in Mumbai became conflicts and the ‘Municipal Municipal Corporation’ will decide a week.

Bollywood actor Salman Khan was not out of the previous conflicts that a new trouble on him. Bollywood Salman Khan’s Bollywood often gets involved in various conflicts. The previous cases were not over yet, that one another was in trouble. In fact, there is a property in Mumbai’s Khar area, which he has given to a food company.

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There is a very old tree in this property. Food Company Administration says that this tree is located in the parking area, which causes the problems to come to an end, besides this there is a fire engine, so any emperor If the sex can be obstructed in the form of sex, the food company administration wants to cut this tree.

On the other hand, the workers of the protection environment are against cutting this tree, saying that the tree is not being obstructed in the emergency situation but the building decline is being obstructed and the administration wants to cut the tree for its benefit, so they Taking objection, lodged complaint against Brahman Mumbai municipal corporation (BMC).

BMC will hear its decision within a week. On the other hand, currently the actor Salman Khan has not been able to react. It is clear that Salman Khan before actor Shahrukh Khan has suffered similar conflicts last year. His BMC company, Red Cross Intelligence Office, was killed in the office.

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