Ryan Reynolds Developing R-Rated Home Alone Reimagining Stoned Alone

Ryan Reynolds is spinning Home Alone on its head to reimagine the concept as Stoned Alone, a R-rated stoner comedy. Ever since properly becoming the Merc with a Mouth in Deadpool, Reynolds’ career has found new success. He’s become one of the most in-demand actors and is signing up for projects left and right. He’s got another Deadpool appearance in him soon with X-Force, but is also teaming with Michael Bay for Netflix’s Six Underground.

Even though his recent roles lean into action, Reynolds’ knack for comedy has helped him become more involved in the film’s he’s more recently been making. He’s produced the last two Deadpool movies and will do so with X-Force and his in-the-works Clue remake. He’s now set to reimagine another family-friendly property and give it an R-rated twist.

Deadline reports Ryan Reynolds is attached to produce and possibly star in Stoned Alone, a hard R reimagining of Home Alone for 20th Century Fox. The movie has rising director Augustine Frizzell (Never Goin’ Back) attached to direct with a script from Kevin Burrows and Matt Mider, the people behind Netflix’s comedy The Package, previously titled Eggplant Emoji. The story follows a 20 year old who misses his plane for a ski trip and decides to spend his free-time getting high, only to discover that people are breaking into his house.


A straight up remake/reboot of Home Alone isn’t terribly appealing, so this could be a genius way to bring the concept back to the big screen. If Stoned Alone can capture the same fun spirit of Home Alone but inject it with some adult content, then it is easy to see the potential fun to be had. It sounds right up Reynolds’ alley and is a move that broadens his reach as a producer, but also that of his production banner Maximum Effort.

If Reynolds does decide to take a part in the role, it clearly wouldn’t be as the 20-something lead character. He could instead take either the Marv or Harry role, which previously were played by Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci. This type of stoner comedy is typically something James Franco and Seth Rogen would be attached to, and either (or both) would admittedly be fun pairings with Reynolds as the burglars. There’s no word on how quickly the movie will come together, but it would stand to reason that Fox (or Disney, depending on how long it’s in development) would want this out around the holiday season. Next winter could be the right time and allow Reynolds to film after he’s done with X-Force, which starts production at the end of 2018. Whether or not Stoned Alone can come together this quickly remains to be seen, but Reynolds’ involvement could help make it a priority for the studio.

Source: Deadline

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