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Robots will be common in homes in 2050. They will also have to respect with paying salary

Robots will be common in homes in 2050. They will also have to respect with paying salary

By 2050 Robots will be common in our homes. Experts say that these robots will also have rights, as they are honored with them.
Dr. Ean Parson says the innovation in artificial intelligence will cause robots to pay for their work.
The British Computer Society and the Royal Society of Arts and Commerce, Phillips, Dr. Parison have predicted some of Robots’s future.

He says that in the UK for more than 30 years, cooking and cleaning work will robots in most of the homes of the UK. The number of robots worldwide will be in billions of dollars. They say many robots will have rights.
Dr. Parcel says that in the future new technology will replace the central heating system.

He predicted that in the future using the “Smart Heating” System Directed Infrared Beam, the human body temperature will adjust.

Dr. Parisen has predicted text messaging inventory before it. They were handed over by AO.com to the future of Robots and Home Appliances. Dr. Parrison predicted that a few decades later, British people will be able to change home decorations from a few swipes.
By 2075, we will not need to clean clothes because electro-active polymer fibers have been developed which will clear the surrounding circulation.
The drowning of the dumped down will be used to rob the drone.
Dr. Parrison predicted that by 2030, most of the appellations will be connected to the network. By 2050, drone strikes will be destroyed at homes. To play the game, Microsoft Scan, Phil Censor will create virtual reality. In 2050 Anchorage will cook and they will have some rights. They will have to be honored and they also have to pay salaries.

Currently there are 60 million robots in the world. Dr. Parrison predicted that in 2050, the population of Robots would be 9.4 billion, which would be 5% higher than the population of humans. Remember that at present the human population is 7.6 billion, which will be 9 billion in 2050.
Futurists predict future’s future predictions that food will be made with Thary D printer in 60 years, i.e., if we have, we will not have to go to a supermarket for food shopping. .