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Road to Endgame Part 20 – Ant-Man and the Wasp

Road to Endgame Part 20 - Ant-Man and the Wasp

Seemingly far (but not quite) in 2008, the Iron Man film premiere opened the door to the movie “Marvel Cinematic Universe” (MCU) or “Marvel” for the unified cinema song. We’ve been following the events for over a decade, but the highest point of megafrancism is still ahead of us – a solution to the terrible fight with so far the worst evil Tannos in the movie “Avengers: Endgame” (“April Cinema” premiere – April 24)!

So, to make the celebration even more solemn, to shorten the waiting time and just to make it easy to enjoy in pleasant memories, let’s look at all of Marvel’s cinema worlds’ previous films – today we are getting one more small, but powerful and long strong superhero in the movie Ant-Man and the Wasp!
Year: 2018
Directed by: Peiton Reed
Cast: Paul Rad, Evangelical Lily, Michael Peny, Michael Duglass, Michel Fayfere
Worldwide cash revenues: $ 623 million

Great Luck: Being the first to follow following the grand events we have seen in the previous film Avengers: Infinity War is never easy. But director Peiton Reed and his team with Ant-Man and the Wasp were not afraid of the challenge and would safely go their way by telling their miniature moments, sometimes a gigantic story. As we know, the Ancestor “Infinite Wars” released – was mentioned that he did not participate in the events because he had concluded an agreement with the authorities on serving in the form of home arrest. As he went with it, we get to know it during this movie. And let’s not forget the very important fact that this is the first film in the Marvel world of cinema, the title of which is also dedicated to a particular superhero – this honor was earned by Evangelic Lily’s determined Houpa van Dain or Child (quite sadly, of course, such a half-achievement needed a whole 20 movies and 10 years, but you should also be happy about the little ones).

Stumbling block: “For the Spiderman and the Child” is a whole five authors of the scenario, which unfortunately can be felt during the film, because the very story is the weakest spot in the film. The story is too tangled, with the first two-thirds of the movie mixing and bustling from one place to the next, presenting ever-changing images of motivation and stories that change every 10 minutes.

The film only acquires real energy in the last third, when the chasing of the chasing and the changing sizes of the Antsman and Childhood are full of whales. Unfortunately, in the case of the minus, in the case of this film, we also have to write down the evildoers – the “on paper” “Ghost” story is touching and interesting, but in the film it never works. But the rogues of the second plan are not bright enough to compensate for the lack of a proper antagonist. Partly, of course, this can be explained by the fact that the main problem of the film this time is not a plan of evil – here is the focus of Henry Pima’s effort to find and save his wife from a quantum world that does not leave so much space to express itself, yet more gossip.

MVP (Most Valuable Player): This is, of course, the second time that we have been lingering on Michael Duglas’s play of Henry Pima, but he has become a much more active participant in the story of being an accomplice, more than a life-worried and tangled opioid. The fact that Scott in previous Adventist adventures proved that it is possible for a quantum world to be healthy and healthy, makes Henk come back and try to regain his wife (always represented by the wonderful Michel Faifere). Michael Duglass, like another old master Robert Redford did before his film “Captain America: Winter Soldier”, is enjoying the comic film at times absurd realities. In addition, when did we last see the seventy-year-old as a superhero?

Best jokes top 3:

The routine is important – at the beginning of the film, Scott Lengs has almost sued his sentence – two years of house arrest – and he no longer has to survive for only three days to be free. The last step, of course, is the hardest, so it is important to find entertaining activities that help you to drive time.
School year nostalgia – to recover the original costume man’s costume, Scott and Houpa go to school at Scott’s daughter, who has taken her costume accidentally. Unfortunately for Scotland, but for a lot of fun for us, Scott’s new outfit is an unprocessed prototype whose size regulator doesn’t really work, and as a result, Scott is stuck for a moment in a second-class pupil size that sometimes looks pretty … scary.
The Truth of Truth – In the case of an assault film, it would be a sin not to include any of the best legends of Scott’s best chest Luisa. “Ant-Man and the Wasp” picks up this joke to the next level, this time involving all the key players in the story, including Paul Radu and Evangelical Lily.
The Torah Factor *: 1 Pretty Classic Point!

1 point for Scott Wow, who has decided to relax, soak in the bath
* Scenes where one of the main characters is seen

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