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Road to Endgame Part 16 – “Spider-Man: Homecoming”

Road to Endgame Part 16

Seemingly far (but not quite) in 2008, the Iron Man film premiere opened the door to the movie “Marvel Cinematic Universe” (MCU) or “Marvel” for the unified cinema song. We’ve been following the events for over a decade, but the highest point of megafrancism is still ahead of us – a solution to the terrible fight with so far the worst evil Tannos in the movie “Avengers: Endgame” (“April Cinema” premiere – April 24)!

So, to make the celebration even more solemn, to shorten the waiting time and simply to get to the pleasant memories, let’s look at all of Marvel’s cinema worlds’ previous films – it’s time to get into the friendly spiderman Spider-Man: Homecoming movie!
Year: 2017
Director: John Wats
Starring Tom Holland, Michael Kitty, Robert Dunny Junior, Marisa Tome, John Favro
World cash revenues: $ 880 million

Biggest Success: Peter Holland, reproduced by Tom Holland, is already the third embodiment of this image we’ve been introduced to this century. Each version of the big screen of this image has its pros and cons, but each one is completely different and lives in another world – this is also true of Holland Peter, with whom we finally dive into the teeth of the teenage Spiderman with all its moments of everyday problems. (school, friends, girls, saving lives and fighting the criminal world). The world of John Wats’ intriguing film (which is, of course, also part of the great Marvel space) seems to be a very real and populated image – very diverse and sympathetic, as always believable. The malevolent of Michael Kniton is not a transcendental being, but an ordinary person who has been subtle in technology. After the cosmic adventures with the Galactic Guards and Doctor Streez, it is really a pleasure to land on the ground for a moment (conditionally, of course) and remember how intriguing the intrigues and dramas of schools and pupils were.

Stumbling block: though the movie wisely doesn’t make Peter save the whole world, mostly limited to isolated and adolescent-sized incidents, it occasionally throws itself into its own action swamp, often stretching a little long. Of course, it is cool to see Spiderman in his element (Holland is perfectly suited to both sides of this coin – both Peter and Spiderman), but the three huge moments of the eczema, all of which are more in the second half of the movie, seem to end up being a little tiring not only for Peter himself. but also for viewers. Instead, you might want to spend a little more time with your schoolmates – who are a happy company here. And while it is interesting that Peter Parker is one of the few MCU members who need to keep his secret identity, sometimes the manipulation of “Peter knows the Spiderman” idea seems to be tangled.

MVP (Most Valuable Player): Being a Superhero for the Best Friend and Sikiki is not that easy. But Jacques Batalon’s best friend, Ned, is doing a great job with both responsibilities. He is ready to help his friend to attract the girl’s attention, as well as to provide the technological support to the computers (and the non-essential chair) during the mission, even if it causes discomfort to himself (“I… looking… at… porn.”). Watching these guys for friendship, there is no doubt that they have spent many years in each other’s society and are the best of each other. Can I also apply for participation in Neda LEGO construction evenings? Adding “Death Star” would be great.

Best jokes top 3:

A Film by Peter Parker – At the beginning of the film, the film is presented to the audience in a movie called “Captain America: Civil War” from Peter’s perspective. This film is the pinnacle of Peter’s sincere naivety and absolute grandeur, immediately showing what we will do next.
Exercise is also an art – in the course of the film, Peter begins experimenting with the opportunities offered by Tony Stark’s Spiderman Costume, which naturally gives amyant misunderstandings, the most laughable of which is the tailor-made questioning voice, which does not leave any big impression on Donald Glover.

What the f… – Marvel movies are, of course, meant for large audiences, including young people, whose soft ears are no longer suitable for tearing. Therefore, we will not hear the three-story words in the MCU movies – but Peter’s Aunt Maya (in the great Maris Tomei) comes close to the juicy “f” ball, which is broken in half by “The Ramones” with “Blitzkrieg Bop”.

Toro Factor *: 2.5 points when counting actors who were not at school age while filming, but 0 if we counted the characters, because we are not any erroneous admirers of fifteen:

1 point for Tom Holland, who dresses in trash
1 point for Tom Holland, who apparently throws off his clothes
0.5 points for Tony Revolor, which is just like a flash (joke, ha, because his image is a movie

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