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Road to Endgame Part 12 – Ant-Man

Road to Endgame Part 12 - Ant-Man

Seemingly far (but not quite) in 2008, the Iron Man film premiere opened the door to the movie “Marvel Cinematic Universe” (MCU) or “Marvel” for the unified cinema song. We’ve been following the events for over a decade, but the highest point of megafrancism is still ahead of us – a solution to the terrible fight with so far the worst evil Tannos in the movie “Avengers: Endgame” (“April Cinema” premiere – April 24)!

So, to make the solemn event even more solemn, to shorten the waiting time and just to get into the pleasurable memories, let’s look at all of Marvel’s cinema worlds’ previous films – the time has come for the smallest, but not the hottest hero Ant Antman or Ant-Man!
Year: 2015
Directed by: Peiton Reed
Cast: Paul Rad, Michael Duglass, Evangelical Lily, Cory Stol, Bobby Canal
World cash revenues: $ 519 million

Biggest success: The history of “Ant-Man” is one of the most complex and painful in the whole MCU (if not even the most difficult and painful), so the biggest success of the film is simply that it is ultimately successful and very sympathetic. After the trick with the departure of Edgar Reed, it seemed likely that there could hardly be a noteworthy event. He and Marvel knew exactly what Raits had intended, but Peterson, who had been set in a situation where he was not really losing, was pleasantly surprised by one of the warmest, in some ways even the most undercut MCU films. In addition, the film is basically a theft or heist movie that makes it genre quite unique in the Marvel world. And the often very original visual solutions of the film must be praised, and the ability to laugh at the fact that the Antsman is very little – of course, that the toy train will be a big trouble.

Stumbling block: definitely a great disappointment for Marvel Raita’s shadow, however, falls over this film. “Ant-Man”, although in many places is distinguished by its ingenuity and originality, elsewhere again comes into the foresight of the bog, which we probably would not have received from Raita. And unfortunately, once again, much of the blame has to be taken by the main perpetrator. Darren Kross, represented by Cory Stol, is another corporate maniac, under which the skin is actually a murderous destructive mania. He screams a lot and the eyes of the bow, but he’s forgotten faster than fast. Even as always, Stol seems to be unsure of what to do and how to behave in this world.

MVP (Most Valuable Player): While the honor of the most valuable player could be divided peacefully among all three main role-players (Rada, Lily and Duglas), this time it will be awarded to one of the most comic comic relief images seen recently – by Luis, Michael Peny very lovingly reproduces. In less skillful hands, this image could become very annoying very quickly, but Penja with her disarming smile laughs at Luisa’s stories with a loud voice. In addition, we could all learn a lot from his enthusiasm – even in a situation when Louis left a girlfriend, his mom died and his dad was deported, he noticed a silver edge, because hey, he’s on the bus!

Best jokes top 3:

Telling Skills – No one is so good and succinct about what Luiss is doing. This time the first place is awarded to the final monologue of the film, but it can also be replaced by the first great reporter.
In The Cure – a scene that seems to have come right from Edgar Rait’s melanic mind, Siri’s helping voice provides a great musical accompaniment to the Antsman’s fight against the evil one.
R.I.P. Leo – Do you remember what the iceberg did with the Titanic? Yes, it killed Leonardo di Capri. But not the old lady.

The Torah Factor *: Only 1 point, but quality this time will reduce the quantity!

1 point for Scott’s apparently jailed muscle
* Scenes where one of the main characters appears without a shirt.

Post titre (s): “Ant-Man” creators decided that the double wouldn’t rupture, so – two post-titre scenes:

Following the main captions, we meet Henk Pima and his daughter Houp again – during the film, Houpa was constantly hovering over to his father, asking him to let her put on a man’s costume and make a plan. The reason why Heck categorically refused to let us know is during the film, but the post-titre shows us that he is finally caught and puts a prototype on a similar but somewhat different outfit – Childhood. In Houpu’s superhero status, of course, we will meet a little later in the film “Ant-Man and the Wasp”.

The second post-story scene, in fact, as we learned later, is directly taken from the next MCU film, Captain America: Civil War. Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson have found Baci, but the situation we can see from their dialogue is not very brilliant – here it is absolutely clear that the Revenge team has split and is no longer in one hand.
Impact u

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