Rihanna says she does not know when her next album will be released.

Although the 31-year-old singer constantly reports that she is in the studio and continues to record recordings, quoting the corresponding evidence, there is no timing for the completion of the record.

In an interview she gave to Interview Magazine, Rihanna was asked about the time we have to wait until the release of her ninth album.

“I wish I knew,” he replied. “I’ve shut down the studio for a long time next month,” he said.

The superstar admitted her responsibility for the delay but insists she does not want to hurry.

“It’s really stupid that it can not be released just because I’m working on a really fun album right now. I’m really happy with the most material we have so far but I’m not going to release it until it’s complete, “he added.

“There is no point in rushing but I want to be released. I have reached the point where I say: “I will release the album even if I do not have time to make videos”, he continued.

Rihanna also confessed that the main reason for waiting for her new record is to deal with her business as she shares her time between the music and the fashion and beauty series she has launched.

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