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Račko, the author of the Latvian sex dealership, completed his fourth novel

Račko, the author of the Latvian sex dealership, completed his fourth novel

Karin Rachko, the author of the romantic erotic homeland bestseller “Torn Lace”, “Heavenly Ashes” and “Samitati”, has just completed his new manuscript of the fourth book. This special event was celebrated by the most popular young writer in Latvia when she went down in advance – she leaked with a parachute from a height of four thousand meters.
As the author of “Delfi Entertainment” points out, the book on the store shelves could come in late autumn. The novelist’s novel and story line writer promises to discover in September.

“The story won’t be as you expected. However, I know it will contain everything you want,” Račko revealed to his fans on social networks.

Karina received her parachute adventure as a gift on her 31st birthday from her husband Kristapa.

“One evening I told my husband how I have described the scene of a parachute jump in one of the chapters of the book,” the writer shares memories. “I said that I thought it was very realistic, although I have no idea what the feelings really are when the steepness of the airplane at the height of four thousand meters above ground and the courage to take a step in the empty air. extreme gift. ”

The writer says that the leap is followed by a one-minute-long free fall of 200 kilometers per hour, and then the parachute opens.

“Skydiving allows you to feel life in a completely different, previously unrecognized quality. I will not deny that I was afraid, but overcoming fear always gives me great satisfaction. Moreover, how can I inspire my readers to be brave if they are not able to be?” adds Račko.

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