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Preparing to present ‘IR Navigation Feature’ in the Google Map

Preparing to present 'IR Navigation Feature' in the Google Map

San Francisco: Google has benefited the world from its maps and its associated information and now Google decided to make the ensured realty (AR) an integral part of Google Maps, under which you can build a building, street or any other location. Construction details can be found.

Google has also released a video in that case. As soon as you turn on the camera and turn it on a road, the roads and other details tagged on the Google Map will appear and you can get acquainted with the entire scene. Anyway, going to any place, there will be no need to ask for details about this location and just open the phone app and get acquainted with all the areas.

If you are going wrong, then the direction of the arrows gives you guidance. However, Google has not yet declared it. Some people have been given this feature to test and on the same hand, the Wall Street Journal has reported it. However, other developers and coders are using it.

If the feature is turned on, if you keep the camera in front of it, it will turn on features, while doing the camera towards the ground only then the camera is active. Looking for a destination now in AR, will make it even easier. According to analysts, it will be used only for both IOS and Android.