Playing Deepika’s Ghoomar On Loop? It’s Ranveer Singh’s Turn Next To Impress You With ‘Khalli Balli’

Khalli Balli

Playing Deepika’s Ghoomar On Loop? It’s Ranveer Singh’s Turn Next To Impress You With Khalli Balli


Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati starring Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone and Shahid Kapoor is one of the most awaited films of 2017. Apart from the dreamy cast, it’s the film’s breath-taking visuals and soul-stirring music that’s got everybody damn excited for this magnum opus. Loved Deepika’s recently released Ghoomar? Well, now make way for ‘Alauddin Khilji’ Ranveer Singh’s deadly dance moves to get you hooked for the word ‘go’. Scroll down to read more…

A Surprise In Store As per a Bollywoodlife report, a source close to Peeping revealed that the second song from Padmavati titled ‘Khalli Balli’ would be out soon and it’s going to be beyond what you witnessed in Bajirao Mastani’s Malhari track.

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Word Play

The word ‘Khalli Balli’ or ‘Khalli Valli’ means ‘Who cares!’ in Arabic.

It’s All About Jashn

The report further suggest that Khalli Balli will be a celebratory track featuring not just Ranveer but even Jim Sarbh who plays his slave-general in the film. Such is the grandeur on which the song has been shot, that it will have as many as 200 dancers dancing for Ranveer who plays the main antagonist in the movie.

Going Badass

While few suggest that this track will barely have Ranveer hitting the dance floor, insiders say that we will indeed get to watch him perform some signature steps.

Quite A Taskmaster!

Buzz is that choreographer Ganesh Acharya wanted to wrap up the song in just two takes but SLB finalised Ranveer’s moves, only after 10 takes.

A Tough Act In one of his recent interviews, Ranveer had confessed, “It was a very difficult character to play. I am a people pleaser, admittedly. I like to spread cheer and laughter. I like to keep the atmosphere light – even if it means making stupid jokes and acting silly and crass. But, when I became Alauddin Khilji for the movie, there’s no trace of that person. Some actors are that way, where the external starts to affect the internal. At some point during filming, everybody realized that at one point in the morning you’ll have Ranveer and the rest of the day will be Khilji. My whole energy changed. Which is good, because at least I know I’m doing an honest job in the film. But, yeah, I’m almost done now and I have to say what I told myself holds true to some extent. All the darkness has been lived out, it’s been addressed. It’s almost like therapy.” Meanwhile, Padmavati have had its fair share of controversies ever since it went on floors. However that hasn’t dampened the spirit of the filmmaker and the film’s cast. At the 3D trailer launch of the film, Deepika had said, “Padmavati’s soul is somewhere here. There is energy beyond us. All the challenges we have faced, we haven’t done anything and still, things are falling into place for us. Her blessings are with us. Nothing and no one can stop this film.” Well, we just can’t wait for 1st December to arrive soon!

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