Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek star in the science fiction drama “Bliss” by Amazon Studios and Endgame Entertainment.
Mike Kehil directs the film he is filming now in Los Angeles and Croatia.

Owen Wilson plays the recently divorced Greg, whose life collapses when he meets a seductive woman, Isabell (Salma Hayek), who lives in the streets and is convinced that the infected, crowded world around them is not real.

Isobabel argues that they live in a nasty, harsh world simulation within the beautiful, peaceful, real world of bliss.

Greg gradually discovers that there may be some truth in her wild theory.
“Mike Kehill is a brilliant narrator who has his own unique ability to bring on the screen a truly high-tech idea in a deeply expressive way that has an impact on the audience,” said Ted Hoppe, Amazon Studios headliner, according to the THR.

James S. Stern of Endgame Entertainment is the producer of the film, and Lucas Smith and Marce Swinton are executive producers.

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