Outside the secular of Jacklyn Fernandes film ‘Cook’

Outside the secular of Jacklyn Fernandes film 'Cook'

Jacqueline Fernandes, who starred in the role of Bollywood Sultan Salman Khan’s film ‘Kick’, got kick from the film’s securities. The 2014 film released by Salik Mian, released in 2014, The emphasis continues, but the movie makers had been thinking of adding Katrina Kaif to Jackolin’s place in the film for several years, but now it has been decided to add the third actor to both the actors. According to the media Disha Patani, a leading actress opposite Salman Khan in the film ‘Kick’, which was made under the banner of Sajid Naidia. Will play role. It is said that Dasha Patani will play the role of artists on the rope, when Salman will play the role of a derby deed show on motorbike. Film shooting will be started at the end of this year. The film will be ‘Kak Tay’ with Salman Khan of Indisha Patani as she is already shooting for the film ‘India’ with 100%. It is also said that if the Deshiani Patani pleases while working in the movie ‘Kick Too’, then she and Salman Khan will appear as a new pair.

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