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Nikah Nama case: Actress My once again reached the ground

Nikah Nama case Actress My once again reached the ground

LAHORE: Actress Mera referred to Sessions Court against the decision of the Family Court in the case of ‘Nakha Nata case’, the court issued notice to Atiqqur Rehman.

According to details, the actor filed an appeal in the court of Additional session Judge Adnan Tariq against the decision of the Family Court and requested that the family court decision be revoked.

Judge Babar Nadeem of Lahore’s Family Court, last year, hearing the actor’s plea for the marriage case, denied my claim of marriage, Judge Babar Nadeem said that my claim is based on a lie.

The judge of the Family Court judge Babar Nadim in his decision that there was a reason for the dispute between me and Attiq-ur-Rehman’s house in dispute, both of whom had set up military cases against each other, who have been in courts for last 10 years. I’m pending.

In the recent application, actress I have decided that she does not know Attiqur Rehman. The Family Court has ruled out the opposite of facts. He also said that marriage does not invalidate marriage. Sessions court declares the Family Court’s decision.

Remember that, in March last year, the marriage seeker of Mina and Atiqiq ur Rehman, in his statement, said in his statement that Ankara’s marriage is based on facts. My and Attiq-ur-Rehman’s marriage was read in the presence of witnesses.

He said that my marriage was read according to the Islamic law, and the court has also been deposited in the court.

The person named Attiq-ur-Rehman claimed to be my husband, who has been under trial in various courts for the last several years, and now this case has come to the Sessions Court.