Is Kylo Ren going to be discovered as a double agent in megastar Wars: The upward thrust of Skywalker? A new fan principle believes he’s and that the loss of life of Han Solo became for the more right. J.J. Abrams is keeping everything approximately the imminent movie under lock and key in the meanwhile, which has brought about some pretty wild fan hypothesis approximately the story arc. However, maximum of them need to do with how Emperor Palpatine has back after Darth Vader disposed of him in go back of the Jedi and who Rey’s mother and father are.

The rise of Skywalker fan theory says Kylo Ren likely “killed his dad to emerge as towards the dark facet” on the way to draw out Palpatine and eventually give up it. At some stage in the scene in the pressure Awakens, Kylo says, “I recognize what I need to do but I do not know if i am strong sufficient to do it,” which may seem to throw a few proof towards this concept. The man or woman also tells his scorched Darth Vader helmet, “i can end what you commenced.” while there may be some proof to guide this claim, it is just hypothesis in the meanwhile.
With that being said, there is a precedent for the double agent theory inside the celebrity Wars universe. In the sequel trilogy to darkish Empire comic series, Palpatine is returned by owning the bodies of clones whilst Luke Skywalker turns to the dark facet if you want to get in the direction of the Emperor to kill him. This may have encouraged J.J. Abrams and team while writing The rise of Skywalker and it can come to be being a part of the tale moving forward.

If Kylo Ren finally ends up as a double agent, it’ll absolutely alternate the manner superstar Wars fanatics view the latest trilogy, for you to come to a close at the end of this yr. In the long run, it’d greater than in all likelihood motive greater questions than answers, in particular concerning Luke’s movements within the closing Jedi in regard to the young Ben Solo. Whatever the case may be, Kylo Ren is a deeply conflicted character and with any luck we can get a few solutions as to why within the following few months.

With Disney’s D23 Expo coming on the give up of the month, fans are hoping J.J. Abrams will come alongside and drop some new photos of the rather anticipated final installment inside the Skywalker saga. With The upward push of Skywalker hitting theaters in December, it’d make sense to get some more footage, even if it’s a in the back of-the-scenes featurette. For now, we will simply need to wait and further speculate about what Abrams and team are going to supply. The primary trailer seems extremely promising, but we’re all hoping for a little bit more of Emperor Palpatine this time round. The upward push of Skywalker Kylo Ren double agent theory become first discussed over at Reddit.

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