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New discovery of water and other minerals present at Mars tell life signs on the Red Planet

New discovery of water and other minerals present at Mars tell life signs on the Red Planet

California (Monitoring Desk) Today a planet looks like a dry desert of red soil, but when it was a planet teenager, there was plenty of water. Experts said that there was plenty of water under its surface and ground and today it also has its artifacts. Dr Francesco Sales, a European Space Agency expert, said that the first Mars had water, but gradually it absorbed into the inner surface. And there was a huge pool of water in the underground. We studied watermarks on Mars in our study

But its quantity and character can be applied. In this sense, we have provided the first geological evidence of water under the surface of Mars. The ocean has taken several deadly data for it. He has reviewed the images of high-speed camera installed on the ASA-based Marcel Express Space Craft Camera, and NASA Arbitrator. He studied two more than two dozen donkeys on Mars. The floor inside the pit was reviewed carefully and found that there are some dams and shades which have come in water flow. It was there that there was a large amount of water and it decreased over time.

The average comparison of the Marriott Khodhwal is from the river routes and the marine places. It is estimated that from now three to four billion years ago there was a system of water and the lake was interrupted. On this occasion, experts agree that there was plenty of water available on Mars. But what is the benefit of this discovery? We know that water is very important for life and it comes to the fact that there was a life on Mars, although it had existed in the form of any scratches and probably still existed. Experts have also discovered some of the minerals from the Marriages that are related to the appearance of life on Earth. It appears that Mars was ever present in his condition.