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New Aquaman Details Reveal Arthur Curry’s True Mission

New Aquaman Details Reveal Arthur Curry's True Mission

New Aquaman Details Reveal Arthur Curry’s True Mission

We have a much better idea of what Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry is going to be up to in Aquaman. Warner Bros. is bringing the first teaser trailer for the upcoming live-action DC movie to San Diego Comic-Con this weekend and they just recently released the first poster. Amidst that, the results of some set visits that took place during filming have been released online and with that, we have some new plot details for Aquaman.

The Quindent used in Justice League was a subject of discussion amongst DC fans. It turns out, this movie is going to explain the Quindent as “Aquaman goes on this quest to find out where the true trident, the king’s trident, is,” according to publicist Ernie Maluk. He revealed that the Quindent used by Arthur Curry in Justice League is not the true, very powerful trident that the former king of the Atlantean’s used. Here’s what Maluk had to say about it.

“Not this trident, the dead king’s trident, which is really the trident you want. With this trident, you can control the whole ocean, everything. But only a true king can wield it in their culture.”
It sounds like there are going to be similar elements to the Thor mythology from the MCU at play here. Much like the God of Thunder must prove he’s worthy of wielding his hammer Mjolnir, Arthur Curry, or perhaps his brother Orm the Ocean Master (Patrick Wilson), must prove they’re worthy of handling the power of this trident. Jason Momoa elaborated a bit more, discussing the different perspectives that his character and his brother have in Aquaman, which sets up their individual motivations.

“If I don’t step in and intervene, Orm’s just gonna take over the land. You think about all the harm we’ve done to the oceans, and are still doing, and if you lived under there, you would absolutely despise and hate these people that lived up there. Why wouldn’t you send a tsunami and just wreck the whole place? Why wouldn’t you? You burn up your cars and take the fossil fuels and put acid rain in the ocean and why wouldn’t you?”
Two-thirds of the movie takes place underwater, so this is mostly going to be very far removed from the surface, where Arthur Curry has actually spent a good deal of time. That offers him a very different look on the world than Orm has. There are also different timelines in the movie that will reveal Arthur’s full backstory. This includes some time he spent in Maine and a pivotal moment at the Boston Aquarium.

There are also going to be elements of a heist movie in play, as Aquaman and Mera (Amber Heard) utilize a hologram message that Orm can’t see for himself to discover the true power of the trident, setting off a race to find it first. Just based on these few details from Comicbook.com revealed during their set visit, it sounds like director James Wan’s Aquaman is going to be quite a bit different than anything we’ve seen previously in the DCEU. Will that be for the better? The real test will be when the trailer arrives this weekend.

Source: movieweb

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