Neha got dangerous news for Kakar’s intervention after getting cheated in love


Neha Kakar is going through a very painful phase of his life these days, in his famous songs of many Bollywood songs, his instagram posts are clear evidence. According to details, I have broken up with my boyfriend Hymnsu Kohli, and she has not yet been able to get out of her mental health. Recently, Neha admitted in her first post on Anagram that she was in depression. Thank you for all the negative people in the world, because of you I have come in the worst days of my life. You are happy to succeed. In the second post, he said that

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Let me know here one thing that it is not due to one or two people, but this is the world that is not going to give me life, I thank all those who from me and my work. Love them. They added that people who knew how to make mistakes about me, I begged them to give happiness to my life, they said that you should not be a tester. In his last post, he assured his work that he would try to present his best.

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