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Need for Bollywood for 15 years

Need for Bollywood for 15 years

The renowned birth of Saira Ali’s name was in the movie of Muslim father and Punjabi Hindu mother, on January 7, 1957, in the movie, father Sadiq Ali and mother of mother Sharada, also from the film world .Shadiq Ali used to play a minor role in movies While in Shardani movie “Believee Nine”, a movie producer named “Gunharkarkun” was later performed .Shadrani changed the name of all three children after separation from Sadiq Ali. They were first Saira Ali Rapa Rai and Later on, B Ararsha, a producer of “Need” producer, changed his name to Rena Rai
It is important to mention an interesting consensus before writing anything else on Rena Rai.

Imran Khan did not remember the news of the news and movie jurisdiction regarding the scandal with the Indian actress Zennet Aman of the current captain of our cricket team and now the prime minister, Bring them, but their intentions were something else, then Mohsen Hassan Khan made Rai Rai the Pakistanis blind after the short-term romance.
After this, Shoaib Malik, another captain of the Pakistan cricket team, did the same title and made Tennis star Sanya Mirza the daughter-in-law of Pakistan. Imran Khan escaped the path while Mohsin Hassan Khan divorced Rina Rai. Now, only Shoaib and Sanya are happy to laugh. The movies of Rareyar are fascinating in Bollywood’s Bollywood life. From the beginning, from 1972 to 1985 (13 years) and the second period covers 1999 to 2000 (second).
In his first two years, he was also honored by India’s highest-paid actress
In 1998, he was also awarded the Filmfare Life Time Achievement Award. In his first round, Rana Rai presented the story of Hindi women in movies, not only merchants but also received publicity at the public level. He was awarded the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor at High Performance in Released Heya.

For the first time for the moviefare award as a filmmaker, he was nominated for acting in the film “Nagar” in 1976. Karina Rai’s movie career started in 1970 when film maker B Aurora gave him a new cardiac card Annie The film “New Day People” castes with Danny Denzongpa, but the film became a celebrity of the departments. However, BH Ginta cast both artists in his film “Need” I was also involved in a new actor Arjun.

The film could not be more successful, but the movies of renowned movie makers came in and it became known as “Need Girl” in Bollywood. This year, Rai Roy worked in B-grade films, which is a major reason for the weak scriptures. And there were unsuccessful heroes, but Ranaarai acted as a living in the film “Like Kuwait” in 1973, but in the same movie, Jitendra, in the movie, starring Rana Rai on a song “Je Dalee in Saino” Nika had kept it.

In 1976, another turn came to Renaissance career when he was signed in the movie “Nagar”, the same year he was cast in the movie “Kali Charan” which was submerged and was director for the first time after the actor failed. An interesting thing about this film was that Shitroogna Sinha, who usually plays a role in the role of a hero in the film, was acting as heroes and contrary to all the scenes, the movie proved to be a super hit.

In the film, Shitra and Rina’s duo liked the film banners, after which both worked together in several films, including Subhash Gaya’s Blast Buster, the film “Dhanwanath” which was released in 1978. When the film circles and stories of both romance in the media were spoken language, the romance broke out when Shutro Bell Sinha settled in house with a former actor, Poonam Sinha in 1981. This shock was unbearable for her. He was also worried about heart arrest and heart failure, but also for his career but there was no disappointment of circumstances.

Rina Rai’s mother wanted her to marry Shutran’s daughter, but she shouted.
After staying out of Sutrock, Rana Roy joined the scene with Pakistani cricketer Mohsin Khan, due to this connection Mohsin Khan got the opportunity to showcase the enthusiasm in a few Hindi films. On the other hand secrecy from Rena Rai’s Shutrogan Sinha There was also talk of marriage, but some had even told that the daughter-in-law’s daughter-in-law was born in reality by Rana Rai’s tone, because there are many similarities in both the shapes, but Rana Rai denied her.

Rena Rai was the owner of the spoken eyes, she was romantic and emotionally attached to emotionally but she mentally acknowledged her husband, but after being disappointed with her ultimate disappearance, Mohsin Hassan Khan’s Taraf Maile Before he had threatened Shertrogain even if he did not marry him within seven days, he would go ahead in life, but there was no use of this threat. Growing up with Khan, which was a charming form of worship.

Mohsin Khan got married after Rana Rai’s short relationship with him and lived in Mumbai. Rina Rai and Mohsin Khan have a daughter named after Paradise, but after divorce, Rana Rai put her name as a paradise instead of heaven. It was finally done between Mahsana Khan and Rena Rai that both of them separated the paths. To do