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Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn movie focuses on the horrific Suicide Squad fate

First screenings of Birds of Prey have split the audience and the studio. The Harley Quinn movie could face a similar fate as Suicide Squad in the editing room.
After her first appearance in Suicide Squad, Margot Robbie is allowed to let off steam again in early 2020 as Harley Quinn. In Birds of Prey: The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn, she is assisted by a whole team of female superheroes and anti-heroes to cause disturbances and chaos.

So far, the production of the film has progressed smoothly and let hope for a similar exciting DC project as the upcoming Joker movie with Joaquin Phoenix. But now there is a damper. First test screenings by Birds of Prey have provoked worrying reactions.

The Harley Quinn movie Birds of Prey splits audience and studio
The accompanying message is from Comic Book, which refer to a tweet by Screen Rant editor Stephen M. Colbert. In it, this reports that test screenings of Birds of Prey for a select audience have caused enthusiastic cheers. In the studio Warner Bros., on the other hand, the exact opposite effect should have occurred:

Finally, Colbert hopes that Margot Robbie can keep her hands off the film. By “their hands” is meant the studio that Birds of Prey could now lead to a fate similar to that of Suicide Squad.

Birds of Prey could face a similar fate as Suicide Squad
The blockbuster by David Ayer saw significant disagreements between the director and the studio over what Suicide Squad would ultimately look like. While Ayer favored a bleak, harsh tone, Warner Bros. urged more humor. At the end, demonstrations with two different versions were tested.

The final cut version of Suicide Squad had little in common with the original vision of the director. Since lead actress Margot Robbie announced Birds of Prey early as a tough Girl Gang movie with R rating, therefore, there is now the legitimate concern that Warner Bros. after the first test screenings once again could comprehensively scissors.

A change in the current editing version is not confirmed at the moment, but the report already offers justifiable cause for concern. A similar procedure put the studio after Suicide Squad also again at Justice League to the day, which is unrecognizable blurred at the end between the different manuscripts of Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon.

The DCEU is in transition
At the moment, the DCEU under Warner Bros. is in a phase of upheaval anyway. Instead of networking in the Marvel Cinematic Universe style, more individualized visions and more artistic freedom should be in the foreground. Perhaps the studio will wait for the reactions and success of Joker in October before making further specific decisions regarding Birds of Prey.

Currently, the theatrical release of Birds of Prey is scheduled for the 06.02.2020. Until then you will learn everything about the DC movie with Harley Quinn.

Are you worried about Birds of Prey now?

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