A Manolo Blahnik doco is coming and the trailer is shoe-lovers gold

A Manolo Blahnik doco is coming and the trailer is shoe-lovers gold

A Manolo Blahnik doco is coming and the trailer is shoe-lovers gold

Every girl has heard of Manolo Blahnik and thanks to upcoming film, Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizardsa we get a fabulously entertaining behind-the-scenes look into this footwear geniusa world

Brit super model Naomi Campbell calls him “the king of shoes” and editor-in-chief of the fashion universe, Vogue’sA Anna WintourA says she “…can’t remember the last time I wore somebody else’s shoes.”A Regal beauty Iman says “…there is no Manolo Blahnik, only Manolo” – so famous he no longer even requires a surname. One of the most influential footwear designers of our time, the gent is a beloved genius with the most coveted line of shoes on the planet.

Even preA Sex and the CityA when Blahnik’s shoes were introduced to a worldwide audience of shoe-loving ladies via Carrie Bradshaw’s heel addiction – Blahnik has always been the name to know in high fashion footwear circles.

Iconic fashion force Diana Vreeland spotted his shoe-making talent in New York in 1970 when he was trying to make a name for himself as set designer (she wisely told him to focus on the footwear) – Blahnik learnt the craft from the grass roots up – by visiting factories and learning every part of the footwear making process. After opening his first store in London in 1973 Blahnik hasn’t skipped a fancy footwear beat – becomingA theA name in highA fashionA footwear over the ensuing decades.

Every A-lister from Anna Wintour to Michelle Obama to Sarah Jessica Parker toA BeyoncA A toA RihannaA have a pair or five of Manolos in their wardrobe, testament to the power of his creative genius. This clever cobbler possesses so much style that according to ex-Vogue AndrA Leon Talley, Blahnik was the “…first man on the cover of Vogue magazine.”

The upcoming documentary,A Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for LizardsA (watch the trailer and the quirky name will make sense) offers an incredible high-fashion, fun-filled behind-the-scenes look inside Blahnik’s fascinating world. Expect cameos from all the coolest kids including Anna Wintour, Iman, Rihanna,A Karlie Kloss, Rupert Everett and AndrA Leon Talley.

Watch the trailer (courtesy ofA Entertainment Weekly) here:

Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for LizardsA will be released in the US in September – watch this space for an Australia release date.

Source:A http://www.buro247.com.au/entertainment/

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