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Long? Chu! Rain Reynolds as Detective Pikach

Rain Reynolds as Detective Pikach

The explosion of the popularity of Pokemon GO last summer (without worry, madness will soon return because a new version of the game is being prepared) made it not only for the Nintendo corporation, which, as a result of the game, grew by 9%, but also for the Legendary studio. owns the right to Pokemon screening. As these are not a video game or a business blog, everything is clear to you – the full-length Pokemon is actively being prepared and will be featured by the popular actor and Internet joker Rain Reynolds.

While digesting the aforementioned facts, a little bit of information about the project named “Detective Pikachu” – this is the second time in Nintendo’s history, when the company allows Hollywood to create a full-length feature film on its own license. The first one was “Super Mario Bros.” and you know that very well. The film will be directed by Robert Leterman, author of the animated film “Monsters vs Aliens” and “Shark Tale”, as well as the person responsible for the nonsense of “Gulliver’s Travels” with Jack Blek in the lead role. Positively speaking – a person who can control the live-action and CGI mix on the screen. That would be. But Reynolds will play and capture the same yellow mite in Pickup with motion capture!

“Detective Piccu” will come to the cinema audience already in 2019, but it may soon turn out that this is the “Deadpool 2” marketing trick – we are no longer safe.

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