The first actress and singer of Los Angeles (Hollywood) Hollywood, Jennifer Lopez, is ready to marry for the fourth time and she has arranged with Alexa Rudgues. This couple shared a picture of her hands on the incagram in which Jennifer Lopez’s hand I can see the ring ring. This pair is together from the beginning of 2017, and it has also become the part of the Winter Warfare server, which has also been given a Jay-e-Rhode nickname. In January, Alex Roggies interviewed in an interview.

He said that Jennifer Lopez’s backdrop is the same and the actor’s new film reflects ‘Second Act’ of its relationship It’s between the two. He said, ‘It’s really similar to Jennifer and my life, both of us are born in New York, our parents are immigrants, both have 2, two children, our homeland belongs to Latin America. Junieff’s Puerto Rico, while belonging to my Dominican Republic, we both have passed through the trauma of life, but now we are in the fifth decade and trying to live as much as possible, It is also trying to proceed. ‘This is the second wedding of Jennifer Lopez’s fourth while Elix Rudgues’s second marriage, 2, 2 of the previous marriage This pair also followed the challenge of withdrawing sugar for 10 days of its diet at the end of January.

49-year-old singer said during a TV show that it should be kept away from sugar for 10 days. Proved to be very difficult ‘Doing this does not only face headaches, but you also face a new fact, as you do not feel like yourself, you feel that you add addiction to sugar “Jennifer Lopez told that she used to think about Chinese all the time.” Every time I thought, when will I come to sugar again, this challenge at the beginning is very It was hard, first I thought it was just 10 days, they would pass like that, but started feeling harder since the first day, then the middle time was also difficult, and finally everything was alright. ‘ Regarding the end of this challenge, he said that he was surprised to feel that now he did not want to eat sugar before and was feeling good. “It decreases somewhat, Sounds like you’re tired and feel good, you’re also accustomed to this feeling. ‘

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