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Kyle Jenner became the youngest ‘Self-Made’ at the youngest

Kyle Jenner became the youngest 'Self-Made' at the youngest

According to the Business Magazine Forbes list, the Jelly Jenner has become the world’s youngest Self-Made Med billionaire.

According to Business Magazine Forbes, Kyle Jenner got the founder Mark Zuckerberg out of Facebook and won the title of becoming the most popular Self-Made billionaire leaflet.

It is clear that Mark Zuckerberg was billions of 23 years old, compared to his social media star, he achieved this success at the age of 21.

Kyle Jenner, youngest member of the cardiacian family, started selling make-up equipment in the year 2015, and was named Kyle Cosmetics.

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Contrary to traditional companies, their products are sold online only, but they are so popular that they are quickly sold.

According to a guess, the company’s sales sold 36 million dollars last year.

Kyle Jenner told Business magazine Forbes: ‘I did not think like starting this business but now I feel like working hard.’

Kyle Jenner uses social media in a very special way. They are more than 11 million in instagram, and most of them are between 18 to 34 years.

Forbes said about the company’s company that their overhead costs are very low. They have only employed 12 employees, out of which seven are just a short time. All other operations have been outsourced.

Most of their advertising campaigns are run free of charge through social media.

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