Kailfoto scandal: A popular Australian reporter suffered from rogues

Kailfoto scandal: A popular Australian reporter suffered from rogues

The unfortunate Australian reporter Igija Azalija has recently discovered a naqed musician. Stage Star, 29 years old on June 7, has deactivated their accounts on social networks and decided to turn to the police after this incident.
Repere’s naked image, which was released on the World Wide Web at the end of last week, was taken in the photo session for GQ in 2016, the BBC said.

These pictures, in which Igija is visible to bare breasts and without underwear, were not supposed to be made public.

Soon after the photos were shot, the reporter made a statement on social networks saying that she feels “stunned, disgraced, defiled and angry”.

True, deactivating their profiles on social networks was not inspired by the fact that the photo was made public, but by “obscene and disgusting comments”, as well as by people who shared their sexual fantasies.

“Comments, especially from men expressing their thoughts and fantasies about my body, really worry me. The sinful things that people say are depressing and make me feel unwell.

If you’ve ever been shamed in front of your family or the people you care about, maybe you will understand how I feel, “a social network statement tells a reporter before deactivating your accounts.

In turn, photographer Nino, who captured Igija three years ago in a photo session, came up with a statement that the pictures were “stolen and published without my consent”.

“I feel like everyone affected by this situation. I am very indignant and uneasy until I get justice,” the photographer added.

Igija also threw a stone in the magazine’s editor and photographer’s garden, pointing out that many famous women have once been photographed in erotic photo sessions GQ, but the blatantly open pictures are curtains that are meant to be erased immediately so that they do not come into the hands of strangers.

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