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Jennifer Garner Voted “Most Beautiful Woman of the Year 2019” by People Magazine

Jennifer Garner Voted

She is not just a (ex) – “woman of” and the magazine People says it. Ben Affleck’s ex-wife succeeds Pink and Julia Roberts in first place in the “Most Beautiful Women’s (Internally and Internally) Women’s Rankings”.

In recent times, we have seen her more to accompany her ex-husband in rehab than strutting on the red carpet in haute couture, but no matter, publication among the most read in the United States, People has just awarded him the title “Most Beautiful Woman of the Year 2019” – note that the magazine includes both outdoor and indoor beauties. Invited to the show by Ellen de Generes, the 47-year-old actress discovered herself in A, blushing and declaring, “Ah here it is! Not bad !”. A point of view shared by the energetic presenter: “You are a beautiful person both outside and inside”. Modest, Jennifer Garner answers never having been so nervous of all her life at the end of this discovery and this honor: “It’s crazy but thank you!”

The mother of Violet, 13, Seraphina, 10, and Samuel, 7, children she had with Ben Affleck (whom she has been divorced since October 2018), told the magazine: “I love this adventure that has lasted thirteen years and continues to evolve. There is beauty in the way it works and I realize that it is not a job that will last all my life. “The Hollywood figure does not think only of her offspring: she is also ambassador of” Save the Children “and confused a few months ago a brand of organic products for baby.
A star who is down to earth

From her childhood in West Virginia, the former actress of Alias ​​keeps the simplicity instilled by her family. She recalls, “I did not really consider myself a pretty girl. I do not remember my parents telling me once that they thought I was beautiful, it was not a concern for us. But I felt very good anyway. I was pretty geek in fact! “Frank and nature, she admits:” Most of the time I walk in jeans-pull-sneakers, it’s my uniform! I have trouble getting rid of it. As for makeup … do I really seem to know how to apply it? “A cool attitude that appeals to her children:” When I come back from a shoot where I feel at my advantage, they ask me to remove my makeup and put on a more relaxed outfit. In fact, I think it’s a compliment! ”

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