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Jack Reacher’ will come to television with Amazon

Jack Reacher' will come to television with Amazon

Via The Hollywood Reporter report that Amazon has begun the development of a new television series based on Lee Child’s novels, ‘Jack Reacher’. The streaming service obtained the rights to the novels of the British writer after a major bidding war between different companies, finally winning the battle to create this series that will feature a script by Nick Santora (creator of the TV series ‘Scorpion’).

Amazon Studios, Skydance Television and Paramount Television will produce the series, just as they did last year with ‘Jack Ryan’ (by Tom Clancy). To date there are 23 novels written by Child about Jack Reacher, a character that has been played by Tom Cruise twice, the first directed by Christopher McQuarrie and the second by Edward Zwick.

The first film of ‘Jack Reacher’ came in 2012 with a collection of 220 million dollars worldwide and with mostly positive reviews (despite the casting …) As early as 2016 came its sequel, ‘Jack Reacher : Never go back ‘, with a collection lower than the first delivery (162 million dollars) and also less positive reviews.

Last year, Child revealed that there would be no more films of the character starring Cruise. The reason … its size: “There will be no more movies with Tom Cruise … Cruise, with all his talent, did not have that corpulence,” said the author.

Child did nothing more than convey the complaints that during these years the fans of the character have poured since the hiring of Cruise was announced in 2011 (Cruise himself has declared on occasion to be upset with these criticisms). In the books, Child describes Reacher as a huge guy with hands like saucers, nothing to do with Cruise’s physique. It is true that, despite his lack of height, Cruise managed to win the praise of many people helping to turn these action movies into a respectable franchise.

Child also explained that: “I really enjoyed working with Cruise, he’s a very, very nice guy, we had a lot of fun, but in the end readers are right.” Reacher’s size is very, very important and is a big component of who he is. the”.

Child went on to say that he would like his character to adapt for television, as it will end up happening thanks to Amazon: “I want all readers who were upset about Tom Cruise to participate and help me in choosing the right actor for a series We’re restarting and starting again, and we’ll try to find the perfect guy. ”

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