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Is The Bachelor the Greek Hangover?

Is The Bachelor the Greek Hangover

If you’re a fan of Hangover’s comrades, you know, the third circle of The Bachelor is one of the movie choices that will give you 100 minutes of laughter and imaginative humor with the blunders and unexpected creeps of four “marmans” unlucky friends.

The third episode of the hilarious film that swept through cinematographic collections across Greece in 2018 completes the success of previous films, projected in 2016 and 2017, which exploited a tried and tested American script concept as a whole, us, winning the impressions of the audience of the country.

Like the two previous films in the series, “The Bachelor 3” is a fun comedy full of unexpected incidents, but this time, around the face of Jimmy, played by Nikos Vourliotis, who is preparing to marry and shouting his pals for the frenzied celebration of a bachelor’s last-established last night. But before I talk about how this new epic episode, which I enjoyed at Vodafone TV, is unfolding, I will make a brilliant reference to the earlier directorial attempts of Antonis Sotiropoulos and Yannis Papadakos.
From yesterday to today

Two films before the first The Bachelor directed by Antonis Sotiropoulos, four friends started for a marriage, to which they never arrived, but they managed to travel with … an audience of thousands of spectators in situations of infinite beauty and laughter, while in the penultimate attempt by Giannis Papadakou, the crazy girl started out for another marriage, which again … never reached, but managed to surpass the 236,000 tickets and be rated as the number one Greek production of that year.

And somehow, we come to a successful comedy recipe, where Jimmy calls his three lovers to meet his natives, who arrive in Athens from Africa, with Reno – the role of Thanasis Viscadourakis – to be who is currently taking on the debut of the barber in the imminent “traditional” marriage of The Bachelor 3.
Dangerous fun situations

Everything is paradoxically normal, until the time of the mystery, when Renos will be kidnapped in the church before the bride can get up the steps of the church. The kidnapping shocked the man who, in her attempt to spot the kite, ends up in Larissa, where things … escape. The gaffs in the city of the Thessalian plains follow one another and the alternative hunt for the partner’s search for “crime,” which is called marriage, sees the prospective bridegroom Jimmy, but also Antonis and Kostis, whom Yannis Tsimitselis and Student Elias, respectively, trying to save their friend from … dangerous fun situations.

In this way, the director of Bachelor 2 carries on the big screen the last cricket of a contemporary subversive Greek comedy, which was to become a trilogy, “linking”, albeit informally, the end with the beginning of a story full of comic findings, but and some sociological references to the behavior of people when they are outside the context of their everyday life.

Apart from Yannis Tsimitselis, Student Elias, Thanasis Viscadourakis and Nikos Vourliotis, whom you will enjoy watching The Bachelor 3 on the small screen with the help of Vodafone TV, among the actors and the recognizable TV figures that will and Katerina Geronikolou, Vassiliki Troufakou, Isaiah Matiamba, Toni Spinos, Tasos Palatsidis, Vicky Kavouras, Dimitris Starovas, Anastasis Kolovos, Courtney Parker, Alexandros Kontopides, Maria Kon tantaki, Georgios Paraschos and Takis sugar.

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