Imran Hashmi, who is mentally imitating

Imran Hashmi, who is 'mentally imitating'

Bollywood actress Imran Hashmi is counted on talented actors of the Entertainment Industry, whose upcoming film ‘Chat India’ has been released the first trailer. The story of the film ‘Chat India’ is based on the subject of the Indian educational system. Imran Hashmi will see the main role in this movie, while the instructions of the film are giving sank kin. This trailer based on a 2-minute trailer shows that Imran Hashmi is playing a role in an agent who is from a rich family By collecting money, the poor students pocket and they sit in place of less wise children and examine them.

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I Remember that in the interview, Imran Hashmi had said in his interview that ‘the script and name of this film is Chat India. It is one of the best stories that I have got to read, I am excited to work in a film that will be my career’s biggest movie. ‘Amrman Hashmi is also doing joint production of the film with the series and Alps. The film also claims to be Somk Sain’s film director. It would be that every film will be for every Indian student who is under pressure to get the best results. Families should be presented in the cinemas next year. Will be

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